I’m getting kind of emotional myself

well, I’m starting up my final post! which is not this one.

I’m gonna use this one to just say…. thanks everyone. For following me, and fangirling with me. For never, not once, sending me anon hate. For sharing my interests and helping me find new shows and fandoms. For helping me when I was lonely and caring about me. For listening to me. For not judging me. And for the friendships you’ve given me.

I’m always going to remember this time in my life. It changed me, mostly for the better. I love you. You are all of infinite worth, and I wish you all of the happiness in the world

avatati said: I LOOVE YOU!!!! (have some Tati love on your last blog page D;) YOU ARE THE BEST <3

I LOVE YOU TOO!!! You are also the best <3333




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- Clara? In your book there was a leaf, why?
- That wasn’t a leaf, that was page one.

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The adventures of Clara and her cup

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Anonymous said: Promise not to hate me.

are you someone I know irl.

you areeeee aren’t you

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under my protection.
               -the doctor

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The Great Intelligence; also seen before in Classic Who.

Notice how it always takes a different form. In Classic Who it was ”a mass of tentacles and mouths” but took over other life forms too. In The Snowmen it’s snow and in the episode The Bells of Saint John it’s Wi-Fi (with an actual proper face this time). Also notice how in the last two episodes it took over kids, first Walter Simeon, who was just a little boy when the snow started talking to him. And second Miss Kizlet, who still had the mind of a little girl when the Great Intelligence let her go.

For more on The Great Intelligence, check out this post on the BBC Doctor Who site and watch the Second Doctor stories The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear.

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Doctor Who Announces All-Star Cast for 50th Anniversary

Ahead of tonight’s premiere, Doctor Who has today revealed some of the all-star cast that will mark the 50th anniversary.  David Tennant and Billie Piper will join current Doctor and companion, Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman, while John Hurt (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Alien, Harry Potter) will also co-star.

Last seen as the Doctor on January 1st 2010, this will be the first time Tennant has reprised his role as the Tenth Doctor.  During his reign as the Time Lord, Tennant appeared in three series as well as several specials.  He was first revealed as the Doctor in the 2005 series finale, ‘The Parting of the Ways’.

Meanwhile Billie Piper, who played companion Rose Tyler for two series following the reboot in 2005, will appear in the show for the first time since featuring in Tennant’s last episode, ‘The End of Time’ in 2010.

Also confirmed to join the cast is John Hurt who will also co-star in the 3D anniversary special that will form part of blockbuster celebrations later this year.

The 50th anniversary will be written by Steven Moffat and Directed by Nick Hurran.

Filming for the 50th anniversary starts this week.  Meanwhile Doctor Who returns tonight on BBC America (March 30, 8/7c), BBC One (30 Mar, 6:15pm), SPACE Channel (March 30, 8e/5p), and ABCTV (March 31, 7.30p) for a run of eight epic episodes, which officially introduces the Doctor’s newest companion, Clara Oswald, played by Jenna-Louise Coleman.

See all of our Doctor Who 50th coverage here.

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oh good, I guess. I still don’t remember when I gave it to you but I suppose it doesn’t matter. Keep in touch!

I’m gonna close up right about now, actually. I had a guest staying over for spring break this weekend and so it’s been too busy for me to get on the computer. BUT she’s at another friend’s house right now so I’m gonna write my final post while she’s gone. :)

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That’s a bummer. You can always get it legally from redbox ;)

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Oh well, if you mean my old one then it doesn’t work anymore. Because I uhh changed the password and can’t remember it anymore. 

But the one I use right now is my name. :)

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SORRRYYYYYY I actually have a guest over for the night so I’m closing up this place tomorrow. :) you have me until then

As for good movies, that depends on the genre! You could watch Brother Bear (always great) Bright Star (HEARTBREAKING but gorgeous) or like, The Amazing Spiderman…. gimme something to go on here anony.