Anonymous said: Oh no I was going to write a letter as s.a. Then be like PS this is Rachel... IT WAS JUST SOO FUNNY THOUGH.

Oh, fine.  Go ahead. XD

I can see why you’d find it amusing but seriously after the first 6 months it didn’t even occur to you to come clean at all? SO MEAN

Anonymous said: Like Charlotte knew about Darcy? ;) Haha yeah it was really obvious. It was just so funny when you guy freaked out...I was thinking about writing Lara a letter as s.a. Haha

yes actually just like that! :)

ohhhh that’s just cruel. I’ll tell lara if you don’t, and we can be outraged at you together.

Like I literally thought you were an actual person. But at the same time, I recognized that the anon option is super easy to abuse and I definitely suspected you.

Anonymous said: Whaaaat grr. Well hi. I'm s.a. -Rachel

OHHHHhhhhhhhh okay hi

you’re actually mean

but I also kind of totally knew it

Anonymous said: Did you get my answer as to who I am?- s.a.

I keep checking my inbox and nOPE NOT YET

srsly what the heck is going on…?

Anonymous said: Before you go, can you please make a post with a link to your main tags like Harry potter, atla, lok, DW, etc? Please!

I’m working on it right now, dear! And it’s super long oh my gosh I have so many fandoms *-*

Anonymous said: Are you that mad? PLEASE DON'T BE MAD NINA I LOVE YOU <3



Anonymous said: Promise not to hate me.

are you someone I know irl.

you areeeee aren’t you

Anonymous said: Okay. Before you close down would you like to know who I really am?- scripture anon



Anonymous said: I have your new email. What time are you closing up?

oh good, I guess. I still don’t remember when I gave it to you but I suppose it doesn’t matter. Keep in touch!

I’m gonna close up right about now, actually. I had a guest staying over for spring break this weekend and so it’s been too busy for me to get on the computer. BUT she’s at another friend’s house right now so I’m gonna write my final post while she’s gone. :)

Anonymous said: I can't find a link that works on put locker that works of the amazing spiderman...

That’s a bummer. You can always get it legally from redbox ;)

Anonymous said: I meant I know I have your email and it works. Like...I've used it before.

Oh well, if you mean my old one then it doesn’t work anymore. Because I uhh changed the password and can’t remember it anymore. 

But the one I use right now is my name. :)

Anonymous said: I'm in the mood for a good movie, any suggestions? PLEASE DON'T LEAVE NINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SORRRYYYYYY I actually have a guest over for the night so I’m closing up this place tomorrow. :) you have me until then

As for good movies, that depends on the genre! You could watch Brother Bear (always great) Bright Star (HEARTBREAKING but gorgeous) or like, The Amazing Spiderman…. gimme something to go on here anony.

Anonymous said: And I know it works so...

you know what works? Email?

I don’t understand….

Anonymous said: Well I sort of have...your email... so I will email you. I promise I really will because I'm great at keepin in touch :)-s.a

wait when did I give you my email?? I totally don’t remember this.

Send me a test one just in case. it should be my first and last name globbed together.

Anonymous said: Thanks darlin!! ;)-s.a. What time tomorrow will you be shutting down?

You’re welcome! also I’m gonna miss you if you don’t give me a way to contact you soon. :P

WELL actually I’m going to the mall with some of my friends and then I’m gonna go to the YW broadcast at church so tomorrow I think I’ll do all my blogging at night. most likely I’ll get home around 9:30 or 10 and then I’ll watch DW, blog my thoughts, and wrap things up around here (final post, unfollow everyone I currently follow, close askbox and log out).

So around midnight or 1 in the morning? or maybe I’ll close my blog on sunday after church if I’m too tired on saturday.